How to Use the Guide

Welcome to the Hub-in-a-Box Guide: an interactive guide to building a multi-sector hub, and harnessing the power of collaboration. We’re open-sourcing what we’ve done, so that you can learn from our 3 years of experience and experimentation - how we built a multi-sector partnering hub and you can too!

This guide takes a modular approach. You can learn from our journey to build a safe space for collaboration for social good. Take what you like and need, experiment, deploy and scale!

Each module includes practical ‘how-to’ content for different stages of building and operating a platform for cross-sector collaboration, including webinars, videos, and tools and resources you can use. We also share Asia P3 Hub’s implementation and what we did given our context. Every multi-sector hub, department or platform will have its own unique context (based on its stakeholders, defined strategic objectives, etc).

Depending on which stage you’re at, and the context of your organisation, you may find different modules more relevant. Explore the modules of our Hub-in-a-Box guide below, and download the PDF Toolkit as a handy reference tool. Wherever you are on your journey, we hope you find this guide valuable, and that you’ll share these resources and keep coming back.

We hope this guide inspires you to take collaborative action for greater social impact!

Hub-in-a-Box Guide

Download PDF Toolkit

Download our Hub-in-a-Box Toolkit: a starter kit on how to build and operate a multi-sector partnering unit or department. The downloadable toolkit contains slightly different content from the interactive content on this site - the toolkit covers all of the necessary pieces to get set up, while the interactive online modules offer more of a deep dive into certain areas - and it’s a handy reference tool you can keep going back to.


We’ve included useful and relevant tools and resources throughout the modules of the Hub-in-a-Box, and in the downloadable Hub-in-a-Box Toolkit.

And we’ve also compiled some additional tools and resources, including videos and websites, that Asia P3 Hub has found the most useful in its journey so far. Check out the Resources section on the Asia P3 Hub website for more useful tools on partnerships and setting up a multi-sector hub.


The Hub-in-a-Box microsite, module content and video webinars were developed in partnership with World Vision International. Asia P3 Hub had the good fortune of being incubated and hosted by World Vision International for our first 3 years of operations.

A huge thanks to Asia P3 Hub’s Core Team: Christy Davis, Ysel Fresnido, Wayne Chia, Phearak Svay, and Dorothy Loh. The guide, module content, video webinars and downloadable toolkit were made possible through their generosity of spirit and open sharing of their expertise and experience. Their knowledge and learnings are woven throughout this microsite, and you can hear some of their voices on the video tutorials too!

The content development and execution of the Hub-in-a-Box microsite and modules was led by Jaya Myler. Thanks to Ysel Fresnido for the microsite design, the development and design of the downloadable Hub-in-a-Box Toolkit and other multimedia content. And we’d also like to express our appreciation to Jojo Fresnido for technical support for this project.

We’re appreciative to the participants of our May 2019 Hub-in-a-Box Workshop convened in Singapore - you experienced much of this content in workshop format and provided helpful feedback to refine our materials. Anne Lochoff, Hazel See and Karen Hobday shared their time and talent as facilitators - thank you for being valued Asia P3 Hub advisors!

Thank you to our partner, The Partnering Initiative, for their continued support over the past three years and for being so generous with their resources.

Thanks also to local social enterprise Make the Change who developed the Hub-in-a-Box site walkthrough video.

And special thanks of course to our Founder Christy Davis, the driving force and inspiration behind the Hub.